RBI Grade B 2024: Notification, Exam Dates, How to Register

RBI Grade B 2024 Notification

Aspirants are eagerly awaiting the RBI Grade B notification to know the exam dates. This information is crucial as it helps them customise their preparation strategy, ensuring timely syllabus coverage and systematic revision.

In this article, you’ll find the RBI Grade B 2024 notification, exam dates, vacancies, detailed registration process, and more.

RBI Grade B 2024 Notification

In order to find out the expected RBI Grade B 2024 Notification, we have analysed the previous years’ trends. Here are the trends of previous years. 

Previous Years RBI Grade B Notification Trends
SNo.Notification DatePhase 1 DatePhase 2 Date
125 Jan 20216 March 20211 April 2021
221 March 202228 May 202225 June 2022
325 April 20239 July 202330 July 2023

As per the past trends, the RBI Grade B notification has been released either in the early 1st quarter, late 1st quarter, or early 2nd quarter. The Phase 1 and 2 exams typically took place during the 2nd quarter of the year.

If we follow this trend, the RBI Grade B 2024 Notification is expected in March/April 2024. However, we also need to consider that 2024 is the general election year. In 2019, when there was the general election, many exams were postponed, including IIT JEE. So, it is highly likely that the election will also impact the RBI Grade B exam 2024.

General Election 2024

The general election of 2024 is expected to be held from April to May in different constituencies across India.

How it Can Impact the RBI Grade B Notification 

Most organisations avoid scheduling exams that coincide with general elections. This is because, during election time, citizens residing in various constituencies have to cast their votes on different days. Consequently, organisations typically refrain themselves from conducting exams during this period to uphold the democratic voting rights of the candidates.

Effect of the General Election 

Given that exams are unlikely to be scheduled during the general election period, i.e., from April to May, it leads to three possible scenarios. 

Before jumping to the scenarios, it’s crucial to understand that conducting the RBI Grade B exam requires a minimum of 90 days from the notification date to the Phase 2 exam. Typically, there is a gap of around 60 days between the notification and Phase 1 and an additional 30-day gap between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Here are the three possible scenarios:

Scenario 1

Besides the upcoming general election, we also need to consider that the interview phase of RBI Grade B 2023 is still going on, and it is expected to continue until December. As a result, the release of the final results might be delayed until January. Historically, every year RBI releases the notification once the result is out and the previous batch has joined. 

As a result, RBI could ideally release the RBI Grade B notification in January 2024 (just after completing the 2023 exam). It ensures the completion of Phase 1 and 2 before the election. This timeline is necessary for the timely execution of the entire examination process.

This scenario is highly unlikely due to the tight schedule for conducting Phase 1 and 2. Moreover, the general election will impact the interview process, leading to interviews being scheduled after the election.

Scenario 2

The second scenario suggests that RBI could release the RBI Grade B notification in April before the general election. They would then schedule the exam for June after the election concludes.

This scenario is also highly unlikely as the RBI would rather wait for the election to be over than release the notification just before the exam.

Scenario 3

The third scenario suggests that RBI will probably release the RBI Grade B notification in June, after the general election and conduct the exam in August. 

This scenario is the more plausible one, as it avoids the complications associated with the general election.

Aspirants are advised to stay updated with any official announcement by the RBI and adapt their preparation strategies accordingly.

Now that you have understood how the general election can impact the RBI Grade B notification 2024, let’s understand how the SEBI exam can impact the same. 

Possible SEBI Exam Scene

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) conducts its Grade A exam typically in the 1st or 2nd quarter. Aspirants might face a challenging choice or potential clash in preparation schedules if it coincides with the RBI Grade B exam. As a result, this exam may impact the RBI Grade B notification 2024. 

After understanding the factors that can influence the notification, let’s take a look at the important dates of the RBI Grade B 2024 exam.

RBI Grade B 2024 Important Dates

The RBI Grade B exam is conducted yearly by RBI. Below are the other important dates of the exam.

RBI Grade B Important Dates

Below are the expected dates for the RBI Grade B Exam 2024:

RBI Grade B Important Dates
SNo.EventsTentative Dates (Scenario 1)Tentative Dates (Scenario 2)Tentative Dates (Scenario 3)
1RBI Grade B Notification 2024January 2024April 2024June 2024
2Online Application Start DateJanuary/February 2024April/May 2024June/July 2024
3Online Application Last DateJanuary/February 2024April/May 2024June/July 2024
4Phase 1 Online ExamMarch 2024June 2024August 2024
5Phase 2 Online ExamApril 2024July 2024September 2024

Important Note: 

  • The above-mentioned exam dates are tentative. These are referred from the past years’ exams and can vary according to the official RBI Grade B notification of 2024. 

After knowing the important dates, it’s time to take a look at the expected RBI Grade B vacancies of 2024.

RBI Grade B 2024 Vacancies

As per the past years’ trends, the number of RBI Grade B vacancies has consistently increased. Here is the analysis of the past years’ vacancies of RBI Grade B:

RBI Grade B Vacancies

So, based on the trends from previous years, a significant number of vacancies are anticipated for 2024. We can expect about 200+ vacancies in the year 2024.

As of now, the specific number of vacancies for the RBI Grade B 2024 exam has yet to be released. The RBI Grade B notification will provide details about the vacancies available for the upcoming 2024 recruitment. Aspirants are advised to keep an eye on the official notification for the most accurate and updated vacancy information.

After knowing the vacancies, it’s time to understand the RBI Grade B registration process and how to apply.

RBI Grade B Exam Registration

Eligible candidates can start applying for the RBI Grade B exam from March/April 2024 at https://www.rbi.org.in/. The RBI Grade B exam registration process includes various stages, such as filling out the application form, uploading essential documents, and paying the application fee. 

Important Note: It is highly advisable for candidates to complete the RBI Grade B online exam registration as early as possible and not keep it until the last date.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam 

Before we explain how to apply for the exam, it’s important to note that the official RBI Grade B Exam notification for 2024 hasn’t been released yet. This means there is no online link available for the application form. Therefore, we will guide you through the process using images from the 2023 registration, as the registration process will be the same for 2024.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for the RBI Grade B Exam 2024.

Step 1: Visit the RBI Website

Visit the Reserve Bank of India’s Official Website, i.e., https://www.rbi.org.in/.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 1

Step 2: Find Opportunities@RBI on the Homepage

After navigating to https://www.rbi.org.in/, the homepage will be displayed. Scroll down the homepage and find the section labeled “Opportunities@RBI” at the bottom. Click on this section to proceed.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 2

Step 3: Click on Vacancy

After clicking on it, a new page will open in the new tab. Hover your cursor on the “Current Vacancy” section and click on the “Vacancy” sub-section.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 3

Step 4: Find the RBI Grade B Notification

Find and click on the official RBI Grade B Notification for the specific year you are applying for.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 4

Step 5: Click on the Apply Online Link

Carefully read the notification to understand the eligibility criteria and other details, and click on the “ONLINE” link provided in the notification. 

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 5

Step 6: Click on the New Registration

If you’re a new user, register with your basic details and create an account. Click on the “Click here for New Registration” to initiate the process.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 6

Step 7: Collect the Prerequisites

Before registering yourself, it is advisable to collect the prerequisites for applying online. Here are the pre-requisites candidates should have in digital (scanned copy):

  • Photograph (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
  • Signature (with black ink)
  • Left thumb impression (on a white paper with black or blue ink)
  • A handwritten declaration (on a white paper with black ink) 

The text for the handwritten declaration is as follows: “I, (Name of the candidate), hereby declare that all the information submitted by me in the application form is correct, true, and valid. I will present the supporting documents as and when required.”

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 7

Step 8: Fill in the Application Form

Fill in the required details accurately in the application form. Below mentioned is a 6-step process to fill the application foam:

  1. Basic Info: 

The first step for candidates is to provide their basic personal information such as name, mobile number, and email ID. 

  1. Photo & Signature: 

Upload scanned copies of your photograph and signature. 

  • The size of the photograph file should be between 20 to 50 kb.
  • The size of the signature file should be between 10 to 20 kb.
  1. Details: 

There are 3 sections of this step:

  • Basic Details: Enter basic details such as the post you are applying for, category, disability, center for the exam (phases 1 and 2), medium of written exam, etc.
  • Personal Details: Enter your date of birth, gender, address, etc.
  • Qualification: Enter your educational qualifications, computer knowledge, work experience, etc.
  1. Preview: 

Carefully review all the information provided before proceeding.

  1. Upload: 

Upload scanned copies of your left thumb impression and handwritten declaration. 

  • The left thumb impression file size should be between 20 to 50 kb.
  • The handwritten declaration file size should be between 50 to 100 kb.
  1. Payment: 

Pay the required application fee through the provided payment gateway using a debit/credit card, net banking, IMPS, or other payment options. After completing the payment successfully, you can print the transaction acknowledgment for future reference. Candidates will also receive a text message as well as an email stating that their application has been registered successfully. 

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 8

Step 9: Log in with Your Credentials

After completing the RBI Grade B registration, log in with your credentials and check your payment status. Make sure it indicates “paid”. 

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 9

Step 10: Download/Print Application

Download the application or take its print for future reference.

How to Apply for the RBI Grade B Exam Step 10

After releasing the notification, the RBI will make the application form available on the mentioned date. Candidates can fill up the RBI Grade B 2024 application form if they meet all the eligibility criteria.


The RBI Grade B 2024 Notification is a highly anticipated event for aspirants seeking a career in the banking sector. Aspirants should keep track of the official RBI website to ensure they get the latest information regarding the notification, exam dates, and other crucial details. Additionally, the steps provided above to complete the RBI Grade B application form can seamlessly guide you through the process. 


1. What is the starting date for RBI Grade B Registration 2024?

The official dates have yet to be out. However, RBI Grade B 2024 registration is expected to start in March/April 2024.

2. How can I stay updated with the RBI Grade B 2024 Notification release?

You can stay updated by regularly visiting the official RBI website (https://www.rbi.org.in/) and keeping an eye on relevant notifications.

3. Does the RBI organise the RBI Grade B Exam every year?

Yes, the Reserve Bank of India conducts the Grade B Officer Exam every year. However, there can be instances where RBI altered or postponed the exam. 
For e.g., in 2020, the strict lockdowns, restrictions on public gatherings, and health safety concerns made organising the RBI Grade B exam difficult. As a result, RBI didn’t conduct the RBI Grade B exam in 2020.

4. Is the application process for the RBI Grade B exam online or offline?

The application process for the RBI Grade B exam is online only. Candidates need to submit their applications through the official RBI website.

5. What should I do if I make a mistake in the application?

The RBI provides a correction window in the preview section while filling out the application form, where candidates can edit the entered information. However, once you submit the application, you cannot make alterations. Hence, taking time while entering information is advisable to prevent any complications.

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