SEBI Grade A Officer Salary: CTC, Perks, Allowances and Promotions

SEBI Grade A Officer’s Salary

Starting a career as a SEBI Grade A Officer is a testament to dedication and a chance to have a rewarding professional journey. In addition to the prestige and responsibilities, the role also comes with an excellent salary along with many perks and allowances. 

In this article, we’ll explain SEBI Grade A officers’ salary, CTC, promotions, allowances, perks, and benefits that await those who choose to pursue this career path.

Salary of a SEBI Grade A Officer

A SEBI Grade A officer starts at a basic salary of ₹44,500 per month with yearly increments. In addition, officers are eligible for various allowances such as Grade Allowance, Special Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Family Allowance, Local Allowance, Learning Allowance, Special Grade Allowance, Special Compensatory Allowance, etc. These allowances contribute to their overall earnings.

If you take a look at a SEBI Grade A Officer salary slip, you will find different components that add up to a very handsome lump sum figure. Below is the salary slip of a newly inducted SEBI Grade A Officer.

SEBI Grade A Officer Salary Slip

As some components on a salary slip are unique to the employee, they have been hidden to protect the officer’s privacy.

After getting familiar with the salary slip, let’s take a look at the annual CTC of a SEBI Grade A officer.

SEBI Grade A Officer Salary: CTC

Officers recruited for SEBI Grade A posts are entitled to get a handsome salary and various other allowances. Currently, the annual CTC of a Grade A officer at SEBI is around ₹23 lakhs. 

After getting familiar with the CTC, let’s take a look at the salary structure of a SEBI Grade A officer.


SEBI Grade A Officer Salary Structure: A Detailed Break-up

The salary structure for SEBI Grade A officers includes basic pay, house rent allowance (HRA), dearness allowance (DA), and other allowances. The starting basic pay for Grade A officers in the SEBI is ₹44,500 per month, and all the below-mentioned allowances are added to this amount.

SEBI Grade A Gross Salary

The below table lists the monthly gross salary of a SEBI Grade A officer:

SEBI Grade A Gross Salary
SNo.ComponentMonthly (in Rs.)Remarks
1Basic Pay44,500
2Dearness Allowance + Special Allowance + Family allowance1,05,000DA keeps on varying. It is given as % of basic pay

The monthly figure is ₹1,49,500, which totals up to approximately ₹18 lakh per annum.

Along with the monthly gross salary, a SEBI Grade A officer is also entitled to various monthly and yearly allowances.

SEBI Grade A Officer Salary: Allowances

A SEBI Grade A officer receives a comprehensive salary package, which includes various monthly and yearly allowances in addition to the base pay. An officer receives a petrol allowance every month and newspaper, servant/maid, and telephone allowances every quarter. Along with these allowances, they are also entitled to receive many yearly allowances such as books, furniture, medical, briefcase, etc. 

Let’s understand the breakdown of these SEBI Grade A Officer allowances:

Basic + Dearness Allowance (DA) + Special Allowance + Family Allowance

This forms the core of the salary, totalling ₹1,49,500 per month. However, if you opt for housing provided by SEBI, a deduction of ₹38,500 is made from your salary, and your in-hand is ₹1,11,000 per month.

Petrol Allowance

SEBI provides a petrol allowance of ₹21,700 per month, which amounts to ₹2,60,400 yearly. This allowance covers 200 litres of petrol per month at the rate of ₹108 per litre. It covers the expenses incurred while travelling for official purposes. It ensures that officers can carry out their duties effectively without worrying about fuel costs.

Newspaper Allowance

SEBI offers an allowance of ₹800 per month for newspapers, which totals ₹9,800 per year, allowing officers to stay informed. The newspaper allowance encourages officers to keep abreast of current events, financial news, and regulatory updates, which are vital for their roles. This allowance is paid quarterly. 

Servant/Maid Allowance

A quarterly allowance of ₹5,000 is provided to the SEBI Grade A officer, summing up to ₹60,000 per year. This allowance contributes to work-life balance. By outsourcing household chores, officers can focus more on their job responsibilities and maintain a healthy work-life equilibrium. This allowance is paid quarterly.

Telephone Allowance

SEBI provides a telephone allowance of ₹2,700 per month, equivalent to ₹32,400 per year. The telephone allowance ensures that officers can stay connected, whether for official discussions or personal matters, without incurring additional expenses. This allowance is paid quarterly.

Medical Allowance

SEBI Grade A Officers receive ₹4,333 per month to cover medical expenses, totalling ₹52,000 per year. This annual medical allowance supports officers in maintaining their health and well-being. It can be used for routine medical check-ups, healthcare expenses, or unforeseen medical emergencies.

Laptop Allowance

A laptop allowance of around ₹1,000 per month is given to an officer after every 4 years, which is around ₹40,000. The laptop allowance helps officers acquire and maintain up-to-date technology, ensuring they can perform their duties efficiently.

Furniture Allowance

SEBI offers a furniture allowance of ₹4,000 per month. Officers receive a lump sum of ₹1.8 lakhs every 5 years. In the remaining 4 years, they receive a monthly allowance of ₹18,000, which adds up to approximately ₹72,000 (in four years) for furniture maintenance. SEBI’s furniture allowance not only eases this financial burden but also provides officers with comfortable and functional living spaces.

Briefcase Allowance

An officer receives a briefcase allowance of ₹4,000 annually (₹350 per month). This allowance ensures that officers have the necessary equipment to carry documents and essentials to work, promoting organisation and professionalism.


SEBI provides a Sodexo allowance of ₹800 per month, amounting to ₹9,600 per year. Sodexo vouchers can be used for meal expenses, adding to the convenience of officers. This is given annually. 


SEBI encourages officers to expand their knowledge and expertise by providing them with an annual book allowance of ₹600 per month, totalling ₹7,000 per year. The book allowance facilitates access to reference materials, industry publications, and resources that support professional development.

Spectacle Allowance

Good vision is essential for officers in their roles. In order to ensure good eye vision, SEBI offers its Grade A officers a spectacle allowance of ₹600 per month, which sums up to ₹7,000 per year. This allowance contributes to the cost of eyeglasses or contact lenses, ensuring that officers maintain optimal visual health. This allowance is given annually. 

The total annual allowance package amounts to ₹1,91,650. When combined with the basic salary, it results in a yearly Cost to Company (CTC) of ₹22,99,800, making the SEBI Grade A salary package highly competitive and attractive.

For your easy understanding, we have provided the above-mentioned information in a table form below.

SEBI Grade A Salary: Allowances 
(in ₹)
(in ₹)
1Basic + Dearness Allowance (DA) + Special Allowance + Family Allowance 1,49,50017,94,000If you avail of a housing facility from SEBI ₹38500 will be deducted from your salary, and you’ll receive ₹1,11,000 per month
2Petrol Allowance 21,7002,60,400200 litres/Month (108/litre)
3Newspaper Allowance 8009,600Paid Quarterly
4Servant/Maid Allowance 5,00060,000Paid Quarterly
5Telephone Allowance 2,70032,400Paid Quarterly
6Medical Allowance 4,33352,000Paid Yearly
7Laptop Allowance 100012,00040,000 once in 4 Years
8Furniture Allowance 4,00048,0001.8 Lakhs + 72K once in 5 years
9Briefcase Allowance 3504,200Paid Yearly
10Sodexo8009,600Paid Yearly
11Books 6007,200Paid Yearly
12Spectacle Allowance6007,200Paid Yearly

Now that you have understood the salary and allowances, it is time to understand the in-hand salary of a SEBI Grade A officer.

SEBI Grade A Officers In-Hand Salary

The total gross salary of a SEBI Grade A officer is ₹1,49,500 (approx.). However, there is a deduction of ₹39,000 (NPS, Professional Tax, Income Tax, Medical Assistant Fund, etc.) in the salary. So before getting to the in-hand salary, let’s find out the deductions. 

SEBI Grade A Salary Deduction 
SNo.DeductionsMonthly (in ₹)Yearly (in ₹)
1Employee NPS Contribution10,0001,20,000
2Employer NPS Contribution11,0001,32,000
3Professional Tax2002,500
4Income Tax16,0001,92,000
5Medical Assistant Fund8009,600
6Staff Association1,00012,000

Important Notes: 

  • Whatever the deduction in NPS, the SEBI will contribute approximately an equal amount to your NPS account.
  • The salary deduction can vary from officer to officer depending on their allowances variations and their claims.

After understanding the salary deduction, let’s understand the in-hand salary of a SEBI Grade A officer:

SEBI Grade A In-Hand Salary
SNo.ComponentMonthly (in ₹)Yearly (in ₹)
1Gross CTC 1,91,65022,99,800
2Salary Deduction 39,0004,68,000
3Effective CTC (In-Hand)1,52,65018,31,800

The in-hand salary of a SEBI Grade A officer totals up to approximately ₹18.30 lakhs per annum.

If you’re under the impression that a SEBI Grade A officer’s salary is limited to ₹18.30 lakhs, think again. This figure represents just the initial salary for SEBI Grade A officers. In addition to this, an SEBI officer enjoys a variety of additional perks and benefits. 

SEBI Grade A Salary: Additional Perks and Benefits

Here are the additional perks and benefits that a SEBI Assistant Manager gets:

Canteen Facilities 

Canteen facilities are available for SEBI Assistant Managers to ensure they can access subsidised meals and refreshments at work. This includes unlimited lunch for ₹100 for the whole month. 

Gym Facilities

SEBI Grade A officers get free access to gym facilities. It helps them engage in regular physical activities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Sports Facilities

SEBI places a high priority on the well-being of its employees and consistently organises a range of sports activities to promote good physical health. These activities encompass cricket, badminton tournaments, and more. Additionally, SEBI offers reimbursement for your investment in sports kits, reflecting its commitment to fostering a healthy and active work environment.


SEBI allocates a budget of ₹5000 biannually for each of its employees. This budget is specifically earmarked for hosting and organising parties for officers.

BSP Program

SEBI organises a BSP program, also known as a brainstorming session, every year to generate ideas, solve problems, and discuss potential strategies. SEBI allocated a budget of ₹11,000 per person per year for the BSP program. 

Children’s Education

As a SEBI Grade A officer who has children, you are eligible to receive an educational allowance of ₹7,000 per month for each child, with a maximum limit of 2 children. This allowance is intended to support and contribute to their education.


After working hard for five days from Monday to Friday, SEBI officers are rewarded with two well-deserved days off, i.e., Saturday and Sunday. In addition to this, they are entitled to receive approximately an additional 15 days off for national holidays. But the perks don’t end there; SEBI officers also enjoy an allocation of 42 casual and other leaves, culminating in a total of 160 days of leave in a year. 

For your easy understanding, we have provided the above-mentioned information in a table form below.

SNo.Type of HolidaysNo. of Days
1Saturday and Sunday Off104
2National Holidays15 (Approx.)
3Casual and Other Leaves42

Now that you’re familiar with the extra perks and advantages, let’s delve into the yearly increment.


SEBI Grade A Annual Increment

The official SEBI notification states that the pay scale for the SEBI Grade A Officer is ₹44500-2500(4) – 54500-2850(7) – 74450-EB-2850(4) – 85850-3300(1) – 89150 (17 years).

This means the starting basic pay for a SEBI Grade A officer is ₹44,500 per month. Here is a detailed explanation of the annual increment:

  • The initial increment of ₹2,500 for SEBI Grade A officers for up to 4 years.
  • After 4 Years: ₹54,500 basic pay with an increment of ₹2,850 for the next 7 years.
  • After 11 Years: Increment of ₹2,850 for the following 4 years, resulting in a basic pay of ₹74,450.
  • After 16 Years: ₹85,850 basic pay with an increment of ₹3,300 for the next 1 year.
  • After 17 Years: The maximum basic pay reaches ₹89,150.

Important Note:

This annual increment is without getting any promotion. 

For your easy understanding, we have provided the above-mentioned information in a table form below.

SEBI Grade A Annual Increment
1Basic Salary₹44,500 
2For the Next 4 Years₹44,500 + ₹2,500 (4)
3For the Next 7 Years₹54,500 + ₹2,850 (7)
4For the Next 4 Years₹74,450 + ₹2,850 (4)
5For the Next 1 Year₹85,850 + ₹3,300 (1)
6Total after 17 years (from Joining)₹89,150

With a grasp of the annual increment, let’s shift our focus to the SEBI Grade A promotions.

SEBI Grade A Promotions 

SEBI Grade A offers ample opportunities for promotions and career growth. First, aspirants must qualify the exam to secure a position as an Assistant Manager. Once on board, their career progression within the SEBI begins, climbing through various positions from Assistant Manager to Chief General Manager. Here’s an overview of the promotion hierarchy for SEBI Grade A officers:

1. Assistant Manager (Grade A)

Role: This is the entry-level position where candidates join SEBI after clearing the SEBI Grade A examination. They typically start their careers in one of the various departments such as General, Legal, Information Technology, or others.

Probation Period: Typically, a 2-year probation period.

Promotion: Officers become eligible for promotion after completing 3-5 years. The promotion is based on a comprehensive assessment of the officers’ performance throughout these years and how well they perform in the interview. 

2. Manager (Grade B)

Role: The Manager is responsible for managing and implementing regulatory policies, supervising staff, and ensuring compliance with SEBI’s guidelines.

Promotion: The promotion procedure is the same as the Assistant Manager. 

3. Assistant General Manager (Grade C)

Role: Assistant General Managers are often involved in policy formulation, regulatory enforcement, and overseeing critical functions. 

Promotion: The promotion procedure is the same as the Manager. 

4. Deputy General Manager (Grade D)

Role: Deputy General Managers have substantial authority in managing departments and implementing regulatory policies

Promotion: The promotion procedure is the same as the Assistant General Manager. 

5. General Manager (Grade E)

Role: General Managers play a pivotal role in shaping SEBI’s policies and regulations. They provide strategic guidance and make decisions within their departments. 

Promotion: A General Manager becomes eligible for promotion on completion of minimum stipulated years of service, followed by an interview. 

6. Chief General Manager (Grade F)

Role: The key responsibilities of a Chief General Manager are to oversee major divisions, set organisational objectives, etc. They also ensure the efficient implementation of SEBI’s regulatory framework. 

Promotion: A Chief General Manager becomes eligible for promotion on completion of minimum stipulated years of service, followed by an interview. 

7. Executive Director

Role: An Executive Director role involves high-level decision-making and steering SEBI towards its goals.

Promotion: Appointed by the Government of India.

8. Whole Time Director

Role: A Whole Time Director is responsible for the organisation’s overall management and operations, policy formulation, and ensuring the effectiveness of SEBI’s regulatory functions.

Promotion: Appointed by the Government of India.

9. Chairperson

Role: Highest position in the SEBI, responsible for providing visionary leadership, overseeing all aspects of SEBI’s operations, and representing the organisation at the national and international levels.

Promotion: Appointed by the Government of India.

For your easy understanding, we have provided the above-mentioned information in a table form below.

SEBI Grade A Promotions 
13-5 years + Performance + InterviewManager (Grade B)
23-5 years + Performance + InterviewAssistant General Manager (Grade C)
33-5 years + Performance + InterviewDeputy General Manager (Grade D)
4Performance + InterviewGeneral Manager (Grade E)
5Performance + InterviewChief General Manager (Grade F)
6Appointed by the Government of IndiaExecutive Director
7Appointed by the Government of IndiaWhole Time Director
8Appointed by the Government of IndiaChairperson

Having comprehended the promotions, let’s now talk about the job profile.

SEBI Grade A Officer Job Profile

The job profile of a SEBI Grade A officer depends on the departments in which they are posted. Here are the major departments in SEBI and their work in brief:

Corporate Finance Department (Mergers and Takeovers)

This department oversees the regulatory and supervisory aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers in the financial markets.

Department of Economic and Policy Analysis (Research Work)

This department is responsible for conducting in-depth research and analysis for the formulation of policies and regulations. 

Department of Debt and Hybrid Securities

It supervises and regulates the debt and hybrid (debt-equity mix) segments of the capital markets.

Enforcement Department (Enforcement, Prosecution, Penalty)

This department ensures the enforcement of regulatory guidelines and takes action against those in violation, including prosecution and imposition of penalties.

Recovery and Fund Department

In cases where SEBI imposes fines on individuals or organisations, and they fail to pay, this department is responsible for recovering the fines.

General Services Department (Accounts, Security, Facility Management)

This department manages internal accounts and ensures the security of SEBI premises. It also oversees the maintenance and functionality of facilities, including air conditioning and cafeteria services.

IT Department

The IT department is responsible for managing IT-related services, including the SEBI website, computer systems, servers, and other technology infrastructure.

Legal Affairs Department

The Legal Affairs Department provides legal counsel to SEBI and its various units. It assists with legislative drafting, policy matters related to securities laws, and legal opinions.

Market Intermediaries Regulation and Supervision Department

This department supervises and regulates various market intermediaries such as brokers, merchant bankers, investment banks, and custodians.

Vigilance Department

It plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct within the organisation. Its primary functions and responsibilities include preventing corruption, investigations, taking disciplinary actions, etc. 

After acquainting yourself with the SEBI Grade A job profile, let’s understand the training and posting process of a SEBI officer. 

SEBI Grade A Officer Training

Upon becoming a SEBI Grade A officer, you are required to undergo formal training at the NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) campus. It is situated approximately 50 km from Mumbai in Patalganga. This comprehensive training program typically spans 4 to 8 weeks, with daily sessions from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most of the lectures are conducted by senior SEBI officers, offering valuable insights into SEBI’s functions, operations, and the challenges it faces.

During your free time, you have the opportunity to unwind and take advantage of various amenities provided by SEBI. These include various recreational options such as table tennis, a gym, a swimming pool, a basketball court, and more, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching training experience.

SEBI Grade A Officer Posting

The majority of SEBI Grade A officers are initially posted at SEBI’s headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. While SEBI does maintain regional offices in several key locations across India, including Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and others, these offices have a relatively smaller workforce. As a result, the probability of being posted in your preferred region is relatively low.

However, the opportunity to be transferred to a regional office may arise after approximately five years of service. Nevertheless, such transfers are rare due to the limited number of available options and positions.

Now that you have understood the training and posting processes, it’s time to find the lifestyle of a SEBI assistant manager.

SEBI Grade A Officer’s Lifestyle 

The lifestyle of a SEBI Grade A Officer is a perfect mix of professional fulfilment and personal well-being.

Corporate-like Work Culture

Working at SEBI offers you the privilege of experiencing a corporate-like work culture that combines professionalism with a commitment to financial market regulation.

Little Bit of Bureaucracy

Although SEBI has a corporate-like work culture, like any government body, there is a little bit of bureaucracy in the organisation. 

9 to 5 Working Hours

The official working time of the SEBI is 9 to 5 (5 days a week). However, depending on the working nature of your department, you may have to stay late or work on weekends during your initial years.


A career with the SEBI offers a unique blend of professional growth with financial stability, and the opportunity to make a significant impact on India’s financial markets. SEBI provides:

  • Competitive salaries and allowances.
  • Multiple perks and benefits.
  • A structured promotion framework to recognize and reward performance.

The work-life balance that comes with a SEBI career not only ensures financial stability but also guarantees a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.


1. Is there a probation period for SEBI Grade A officers?

Yes, SEBI Grade A Officers undergo a probation period of two years, which can be extended up to four years.

2. How does the work-life balance at SEBI support employees’ well-being?

SEBI promotes a work-life balance that ensures not only financial security but also a fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle, encouraging employees to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

3. What is the highest basic salary of a SEBI Grade A?

As per the updated SEBI Grade A salary structure, the Assistant Manager’s maximum basic pay reaches Rs. 89,150 upon completing a successful 17 years of service.

4. What are the performance evaluation criteria for promotions within SEBI?

Performance evaluations for promotions include factors like work performance, contributions to the organisation, and interview assessments.

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